Our Services

F oodindo Dwivestamas is committed to help our customers in supplying reliable & high quality products. Besides our regular products, we also work with our customers (local & international chains in Indonesia) to develop custom products using the same international standards.

  • R&DOpen or Close

    Our R&D team is composed of experienced & highly trained personnel who are focused in developing high-quality culinary products.

  • Management SystemOpen or Close

    The company has invested in the necessary processes & IT infrastructures to support a professional production line. Customer’s confidentiality is one of the major focus and necessary steps have been put in place to ensure that all of our customer’s data are safeguarded.

  • Quality SystemOpen or Close

    Our dedicated QA / QC team will ensure that all of the processes met all the safety & quality regulations. The team will also assist in the audits conducted by our clients as well as government bodies to ensure compliance with the relevant standards.

  • ProductionOpen or Close

    We equipped our production facilities with the following:

    • Food-grade production tanks (differing capacities to accomodate our clients’ needs)
    • In-line QA/QC laboratories
    • Automatic packaging machine
  • DistributionOpen or Close

    The dedicated distribution team is committed to deliver the product in safe & timely manner through the use of versatile delivery vehicles.