FHI 2013 Sucess Story

8 May 2013

We would like to thank all of our customers for making our event in FHI – 2013 a great success.

During the event, we launch some great new products:

  • Bumbu Dasar Merah (Red Asian Seasoning)
  • Bumbu Dasar Kuning (Yellow Asian Seasoning)
  • Bumbu Dasar Putih (White Asian Seasoning)
  • Demi glace sauce
  • Cream Soup Base

We also highlighted some of the regular products, which you can see in the products sections

In this event, we partnered with Griffith Laboratories to launch some great new products that will be in the market soon for our customer.

Below are just some of the highlights from the event

Product Selection      Our Director  The Chef