2019 BRC Certified

20 May 2019

PT FOODINDO DWIVESTAMAS is committed to provide the highest level of standard in FOOD SAFETY throughout its production process.

The beginning of 2019 marks as a milestone for us, where we have completed the audit for BRC FOOD SAFETY standards on ALL of our production plants.

We hope that this certification will help build confidence with the customers (ie you) about us, our supply chain and our standards for food safety.

What are the BRC Global Standards?

The BRC is an awarding company that sets extremely high standards for the factories & production facilities in its scheme. The company was founded in 1996 by retailers who wanted to standardize food safety their supply chains. Today they globally recognized across several industries and operate the most rigorous third party certification scheme of its type.

To learn more about BRC Certification, you may visit this page.