About Us

F oodindo Dwivestamas is a specialty food manufacturer. Since 2007, it has been one of the leading suppliers of sauces & condiments to many local and international brands in Indonesia.

We are committed to help our customers achieve their goal by providing high quality and reliable food products, which is the core of our company.

PT Foodindo Dwivestamas also produce its own line of products under the “MyTaste ™” brand which is sold through many established food retailers across Jakarta.

The diverse product ranges from:

  • Liquid sauces – ranging from specialty Asian sauces such as XO Sauce to Western Sauces such as BBQ Sauce
  • Dairy sauces – products such as cheese sauce
  • Powder – sauces in powder format for specific applications
  • Dressings
  • Specialty Pastes
  • Condiments
  • Finger Food

We welcome you to browse our products section to learn more about the diverse range of product and application of MyTaste™ products.

In its pursuit of improving the range and quality of the products, PT Foodindo is committed to invest in internationally acclaimed infrastructures in its main site (Jababeka Industrial Complex) and have been recently certified by SGS in Food Safety (ISO 22000). The company is also committed to invest in experienced personnel in all aspects of the business. Lastly, the management & quality system is continuously improved to meet with the evolving food standards, both in Indonesia as well as internationally.


SGS ISO 22000 Certified